Bangladesh cow farm

Bangladesh cow farm Sometimes we need to know about cows because we don’t know it. For your kids and you

just need to read it, I am trying to describe how to know a cow easily. I try to introduce cow details and it is

diversity. Another thing is if your child is a student they can learn it as an easy. In most schools this cow an easy

mandatory subject part especially English second part easy writing section. If you flow my article and read it

carefully you can understand it. It is so easy way to learn from any student as an easy.

Bangladesh dairy farm information

cow picture image
cow picture image

So many people don’t know what is a cow? where did we find it? I request to them If you read my article you will

know cow. Like what is a cow? How many varieties of cows do we see in our country? Which cow is so useful for

us? Please read my all article and know the details about cows. Then you can use your knowledge in any kind of

examination or your practical life experience.

I write cow easily for your better understanding. If you think you can read it. If you read it then you will know it

properly and you able to write cow easy any easy competition or any kind of Examination.

Cow farm meaning :

How to know the Cow or Cow easily? The cow is a four-footed domestic animal. It is a very common and useful

animal. Mild and gentle in nature. It is very useful to us of all animals.

(We writing about rice if you learn about rice then you can visit another page and read it for a better

understanding. Please click here for this.)

How do you start a cow farm

If anyone wants to start a cow farm then you need to flow the below instruction. Otherwise, you will fail your new

cow-rearing project. Many people don’t know about cow rearing. But they try to start cow rearing. Only for their

ignorance, they mistake so many then thy don’t earn profit.


The cow has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a long head, and two horns. It has a tail. There is a tuft of hair at the

end of the tail. It drives away flies and mosquitoes with her long tail. Its body is covered with hair. She has some

teeth in her lower jaw. It has no teeth in the upper jaw.

Kinds and colors:

There are many kinds and colors of cows. Some are big and some are small. Some are medium size. Which are

big maximum are crossbiting. Local is always small size. The cows of cold countries are big. Some cows are black,

some are red and some are white. Few are mixt color.

Where found:

The cow is found in almost all the countries of the world. Wild cows live in jungles. But the cows of Australia,

Holland, Denmark, and sindi are famous all over the world. They give more milk than the cows of any other



The cow lives on grass and straw. She also eats oil cakes, rice, leaves, bran, etc. She likes to graze in the field.


The cow is a gentle animal. She gives birth to one calf at a time. She loves the calf very much. The cow chews the cud.

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Variety of Cows

Many kinds of variety cows we see in our country. Some come from another country. Few are local varieties and

some are crossbiting. For your better understanding, we give you some cow examples from the local varieties,

Sahiwal, Sindi, Frezian, Red Chittagong, Jersey, etc.

The maximum is crossbiting and only local varieties are not crossbiting. Red Chittagong is only seen in that area

only. Jersey sees in Pabna and Serajgons division are most. Sindi for fattening and jersey and Frezian for milking.


The cow is very useful to us. It gives us milk. Milk is an ideal food. It is sweet and nourishing. Ghee, Butter, Curd,

Cheese, and, other sweet things are made from her milk. Shoes and bags are made from her skin. Combs and

buttons are made from her bones and horns. Cow dung is very good manure. the cow draws the cart and plows.

Bangladesh Bank Cow farm loan

Bangladesh Government gives bank loans for cow rearing milking and fattening also. If you are interested then

you will get in this loan by some selection criteria. You can also visit our below site for bank loan details.

For Bangladesh Bank Cow farm loan


The cow is the most useful of all animals. She is so much used that the kinds look upon her as a goddess. She is a

friend indeed. Both alive and dead cows are assisted. So we should take proper care of her.

Bangladesh cow farm End Words:

I think you already know about cows. When you write it as an easy that’s time don’t write the end words and the first

paragraph because it is not part of your essay. I am trying to clarify the concept for you only. If you need any

another article please write to us we will give next and give us feedback is it helpful? We will give you an answer to your


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