What is a Dialogue and Examples

What is dialogue

What-is-dialogue-in-simple-words:-Dialogue means conversations between two or more people that are called


What is dialogue in communication?

Many kinds of dialogue can happen with people example: Someone can be knowing from your address it’s called

dialogue. If you go to the market to buy something that’s time need to communicate with shop keeper that’s

called dialogue etc. When we start dialogue it must be needed very simple way and use words very simply.

Importance of dialogue in communication

Please see the below different dialogue for your better understanding:

  • Make a request dialogue and response. Use would or could:

Myself: Excuse me could you tell me the way to the bus station?

The stranger: Yes, you will go up to the end of this road and then turn right. The bus statins is on the left.

Myself: Thank you.

The stranger: You’re welcome.

Example of dialogue communication

Roky: How are you, Nila?

Nila: I am fine. And you?

Roky: I am fine also. Could you tell me why are you waiting here?

Nila: Yes, I am waiting here for my friend Rosy. We will visit a book fair today. Would you go with us?

Roky: Thanks I will go to the fair the next day with my father.

Nila: Thank you.

Roky: Thank you too.

Dialogue communication skills

Myself: Father, I’m in need of buying a new book. Would you give me some money?

Father: Yes. What book will you buy?

Myself: I need someone’s guides me. Would you suggest I buy this?

Father: It depends on your teachers.

Myself: Would you think I should buy any other book?

Father: No, not at all.

Effective communication, dialogue example

Myself: Excuse me. Could you borrow me your bicycle?

My friend: Why not? But for how many days?

Myself: Just for 6 days.

My friend: Sorry.

Myself: Ok, would you give it only for one day?

My friend: Ok, all right.

Myself: Thanks a lot.

English dialogue examples.

Tony: How are you?

Impa: Fine. Come on my birthday.

Tony: Would you tell me the date?

Impa: Of course, it’s on 11th March.

Tony: Would you tell me how many times you have observed your birthday?

Impa: Twelve times.

Tony: Would you tell me when your birthday function will start?

Impa: It will start at 5 pm.

Tony: OK, See you again.

Impa: Welcome.

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