Focus group discussion methodology

Focus group discussions are so important for any kind of report writing or any kind of project implementation.

When we start a new project in any area. That’s time we go to collect some information about this area and

people’s culture and behavior status. We can use another method but this is not so fruitful Focus group

discussions is so fruitful for collecting any kind of information.

Who is the arranged FGD?

Many people and organizations conduct this session. As per need, Government starts this session for various

kinds of purposes. As with any big road making any long-term project is conducted. etc. That’s why we don’t say

exactly who has arranged this session. If anyone needs some data for any other activities of project

implementation that’s time we need this kind of session.

Focus group discussions (FGD) Details

It is one kind of method which is used for data collection and understanding this area of people’s behavior

understanding. For details understanding, we can say when we use this kind of method that’s time we think it is

one kind of way to collect main data for more improve the project of progress any working activities. We can also

describe it another way see the below line for better understanding.

Focus group discussions:-An FGD is a well-known method and its application is very wide with obtaining some

characteristics. The same characteristic is needed to be considered in the aspect of training also. The following

features are useful to enrich the FGD sessions.

The particular number of people:

We need to be fixed the number of participants. If we don’t fix this then we don’t know about this session’s

number. Who are the participants for this FGD? Then we don’t face any challenges during this session time.

It is necessary to think about holding the sessions to think before holding the sessions of FGD on who will be

focused on and how many people will be focused in regard to data collection. This is why the number of people

should be determined first.

People of the same characteristics:

Before conducting FGD it is necessary to determine people who are of similar same characteristics. For instance, if

we want to assess the training needs of staff members of an organization then we have to form groups in terms

of the same job nature education sex, etc. and it would be better if it is possible to form groups more specifically.

Maybe in this case number of groups could be formed. Thus whatever it is the researcher needs authentic data so

that She/He can cross cheek with those different groups.

Possibility to gather expected information :

When we were adamant to start our FGD. That’s the time we need before discussing with all staff or all group

members who are involved this. Because our goal is one our FGD vision and mission are the same. If we discuss

unnecessarily then we don’t get our expected data from these sessions. That’s why we need constructively

discuss. FGD is conducted for collecting data regarding specific objectives. It would not be appropriate to

conduct FGD sessions without determining objectives. So that according to the objectives data is to be collected

to address specific problems or to analyze situations.

Gathering qualitative information :

So many people don’t know about the purpose of this FGD. Which purpose uses this data? They collect data

unconsciously and unuseful data. That’s time we don’t understand things from this data. That’s why we need

when we collect data this time well know about our main purpose. Even they don’t know about their data. FGD is

normally used to collect qualitative data where people’s sensitivities are recognized. There is no scope to present

quantitative data through this method. We have remembered that this is the method of discussion, not an interview.

The objective should be specific for Focus group discussions:

Sometimes we don’t know about our objective. We go to the field and we start FGD. It is a fully wrong concept

because the first time needs to confirm what is our main objective. What we want from this FGD. When you start

this session your can also mention your main purpose in front of all your staff who are involved in this session.

Without determining the objectives FGD should not be conducted. Therefore before applying this method

objective should be well defined by the researcher.

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End words:

I think if you read this article properly. You are able to write this. Do you face any challenges and then give me

feedback? I will give you your feedback answer. Don’t worry I am always ready to help you. Your progress is my

ambition. A lot of thanks for reading this article from first to last.

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