Popular dog breeds

Popular dog breeds The dog is the most faithful pet of all animals. It guards its master’s property by day and

night. How to know a Dog? read below then you can understand.

Description of How to know Dog :

The dog has four legs. Two ears and two eyes. It has a coiled tail and a long head. It has sharp teeth and nails. Its

body is covered all ever with fur.

Where found:

The dog is found everywhere in the world, It is also found in Bangladesh. There are wild and ferocious dogs in

some forests.


There are many kinds of dogs. Some are pets, some are hunting, The bulldog, the gray hounds, and the

bloodhounds are hunting dogs. The English dog looks very fine.


There are many kinds of dogs. Some dogs are brown, some are white, some are black, some dogs are large and some are small in size. Some are again of mixed colors.


The dog lives on rice, milk, fish, flesh, bread, and much other hunting. But it is fond of flesh and bone.

Nature/ habit:

The dog is very faithful to its master. It can run very fast and Can see in the darkness. It does not sleep at night

for these barks when seeing an unknown person coming.


A good dog is a good Companion. It is a real friend to its master in weal and woe. It guards its master’s house at

night. It seldom sleeps at night. It begins to bark when it sees an unknown man. The police use dog to find out

criminals of a high order. A mad dog is dangerous. It bites it fatal. It understands the mood of its master.

Popular dog breeds Conclusion:

The dog is a great friend of man. They help us in many ways. It follows man and stands by him in times of need. It

never betrays its master. So, we should take care of it.

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