Easy way to learn English Sentence

If we want to learn English we must need basic knowledge about English grammar without basic knowledge, we don’t learn the English language properly. Step by step I want to teach you an Easy-way-to-learn-English-sentence easily.

What is a Sentence?


A sentence is a group of words that makes a clear and full sense is called a sentence.

Example- I am a boy. This is a book. Tania is a good girl etc.

How many Kinds of Sentence?

Sentence are five kinds which given as below

  1. Assertive Sentence.
  2. Interrogative Sentence.
  3. Imperative Sentence.
  4. Optative Sentence.
  5. Exclamatory Sentence.

Details description about of Easy-way-to-learn-English-sentence:

Assertive Sentence:

This kind of sentence gives a description of anything this sentence calls an Assertive sentence.

Structure: Subject +Verb+ Object

Example: I go to school. I read a book. You have a pen etc.

Note: Remember the end of the sentence always use a full stop and if any negative then use no/not.

Interrogative Sentence:

Which sentence asks any question this sentence call Interrogative Sentence.

Structure: First start by question world (What. Where. When. Why? Whom. How etc.) or to be verb (am .is. are. was. ware. has. have. etc.)

Example: How are you? What class do you read in? Are you going to school?

Note: End of the sentence use interrogative sentence sample(?)

Imperative Sentence:

The sentence which indicates a command, a request, or advice is called an Imperative sentence. Subject(Implicit)+verb + Object

Example: Do the sum. Do not go there. Please give me a pen etc.

Note: Any Imperative sentence’s subject is implicit and verbs are present from and end of the sentence use a full stop.

Optative Sentence:

The sentence which expresses a wish, a desire, or a prayer is called an Optative sentence. It usually starts in May, wish.

Structure: May +Subject +would +subject+Verb1+Object.

Example: May you be happy. I wish I shall be a king.

Exclamatory Sentence (easy-way-to-learn-English-sentence):

The sentence which expresses the sudden feelings of the mind is called an Exclamatory Sentence.

Structure: Oh, How, Hurrah, Was, Hush, Hallo, etc. +! + Subject +verb

Example: Hello! How are you? Hush! The baby is sleeping. Hurrah! We have won the game.

Please write commence if you need more details or any other grammar rule I will give you next publish as your need.

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