Logistics business ideas

Logistics all factors which we need to know

Logistics all factors which we need to know:-If we want to describe Logistics then we can say a very simple way

It means a company or any kind of organization who are trying to save money and time for more benefit

or more help for venerable people or beneficiaries.  That’s time doing some activities like Materials purses.

Materials storage. Materials transport to the desired place that’s called logistics. Referees session

What is Logistics’ main target?

Logistics’ main target is to consume time and money for more benefits and more services. That’s why all

companies or organizations take expert logistics managers into their organization.

What is the responsibility of a logistics manager?

A logistics manager has many vital roles for any organization like a logistics manager making a plane to buy raw

materials for his company and making a plan for production. Then he makes a plan for production. After finishing

materials storage then he makes a plan for sending to the customer or consumer. A logistics manager doing all

activities for more improve his company god well and more benefit.

Humanitarian Logistics

Humanitarian logistics is more important for any kind of disaster. If we want to help venerable people then we

need to flow humanitarian logistics. We will face any kind of challenges in applying humanitarian logistics

What is the meaning of humanitarian logistics?

Humanitarian logistics men all logistics activities happened for suffering and vulnerable people like

  •  Logistics planning.
  • Logistics implementing.
  • Controlling the efficiency.
  • Transportation.

What are the components of humanitarian logistics(Logistics are all factors which we need to know)?

The humanitarian logistics chain structure consists of three main stages

  • Supply acquisition and procurement,
  • Pre-positioning and warehousing,
  • And transportation

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