New year SMS and Quotes

Every end of the month we are busy wishing for the new year. Because all over the world people are celebrating the first of the day. We are also not different. We try to share our messages through many kinds of social media or by mobile phone or SMS. I am trying to give some quotes, SMS, and poetry for New year’s wishing. Please see all pages for your favorite things.

Happy New Year Introduction

I think 2023 is the most powerful year. All sorrow and torture we will forget. If Allah gives peace and Covid-19 free world. I pray to Allah please forgive our curse and sin. We want to live peacefully. All political leaders try to solve their problems. I want a weapons-free world.

Why need to Celebration Happy New year?

Every year comes a new year for us. Sometimes we don’t know when coming the year and go because we are so busy with our daily work. I request to all you can also share new year celebration because it is one kind of joyful day which come only for one day. We don’t get more times in one year. For that, we need to celebrate for our joy. We can understand each other on this occasion.

When is New year celebrated?

Many people are questioning when it is celebrated. Some people do not know when New year celebrate only for those people Every end of the year I men 31 December at midnight  12:00 pm start it. We celebrated it the next day 1 January all day all over the world people enjoy it together.

All people are trying to share their own love for each other. We also try to celebrate this day. It is not for only one year it is for all year ending of the month and the year’s first day celebration day.

How many ways can we celebrate New year?

Many ways people celebrate this day. Some people go outside the country to visit. Some of the people arrange a picnic. Few people celebrate this day with their join family. The maximum office is closed this day that’s why some are going to visite nice place in this day with their colleague.

Many people are all-day stay at home and see Television and expend their time with relax mode. Other some people are chatting with their friends and other people. Some people engage on social media for wishing this day.

New year Quotes

Some people are search Quotes for this day’s celebration Happy New year. I am trying to give some nice uncommon quotes that anyone can share with their friends and family member for this special day. Please see below all quotes for your Facebook or any kind of sharing.

  •  I want peace, not weapons I want to live safely.
  •  Weapons don’t bring happiness only love can bring it.
  • I am crazy for wishing for this day. Happy New Year all my Facebook friends.
  • I pray for all my beloved friend’s stay in sound health. The new year brings all peace and joy.
  • Expand your hand. Expand our love. New year comes to our door. Happy new year.
  • I want your presence. I want your love because this day is special for me. Happy this day.
  • I won’t go outside without you. I want to spend my time with you. Please consider this day as a love exchange day. Happy New year.

New year SMS

If anyone sees the below SMS it’s my belief he/she will like this SMS. All SMS are uncommon and new. Let’s go and see them all for your good choice.

  • Dear love please accept my love this day and come to me. I am waiting for you. Happy this day.
  • I don’t think anything without you. I don’t like anything without you. You are the only one for me. This day brings you happiness and peace forever in your life.
  • Every year comes this day but I am waiting for you. I feel lonely without you. Stay with joy my love.
  • How can I forget you and your past? Do you remember this day was so happy for us? I pray for your to stay with happiness with your husband and kids.
  • Darling this day we will stay together and share the love with each other. Happy day.
  • Every year come this day for us but you don’t come to me as like before. I am waiting for you. Please come to me to exchange love and joy. Happy day.

Massage from my side

This world is so rich. Our natural resources and land are not short but our mind is so short. Allah gives us so many resources but always we try to hunt other land and resources it’s a sin. For these reasons 2019 has lasted till now, we face so many problems like Covid-19 and more new variant viruses.

I think if we are trying to gentle behave with each other then the world will be heaven.  I am not a big or famous person but I request cordially to powerful leader please try to solve all bad issues. We want to live peacefully. We don’t want to classify each other as black and white, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. Bowdish we are all same. Our blood and mind are the same. We don’t want to quarrel we want to live together peacefully.


Weapon and power don’t carry peace. It’s a mistake to think that you can make yourself happy by hurting others. Please sit together and eat together then peace will come out outhouse and country. (images)

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