Happy Christmas day 2022

Happy Christmas day: Every year-end of December (25) observe this ceremony. All over the christening

community celebrate this day. They take so many kinds of activities for this day. For this journey, we try to write

some quote dialogue and prayers for you. You can share it on your Facebook timeline or any kind of social media.

Here are so many nice Images and photos with a caption that you can use in your Facebook wallet.

 My God, Please forgive us. We have so many sins. Our law is not right. Sometimes we do justice wrongly. Please

forgive us. You give us a new world without Covid-19 free world. We want to live without any hazards. Our power

is nothing to you so many times we try to show our power. We forget your power (Merry Christmas quotes)

You give us food, water all kinds of delicious fruit and food. We want your blessing without your blessing we can’t

live a single day. If you want you can all thing but we can’t do anything without your help. Please Please Please

Please Help us.

I give so many beautiful short SMS below If you read all the short SMS you can get your SMS as you want.

I know your need then I write as like yours. You don’t need to think. You can only copy and paste. If you give the

below Short SMS to your mother. Father. Children and others will think you are so smart. Please go below and

see all the Short SMS.

Happy Christmas day  Christmas wishes:

For Christmas Image, you can select the below one. I am trying to give so many images with quotes. For sharing

please select anyone this Christmas day. Maximum images are arranged with a nice caption. You only share it on

your social media. Let’s see which is your favorite.


So many pictures are below with attached quotes. You can share on social media for this Christmas day. All

images are attached with captions If you don’t want to write any things you don’t need any things because all

pictures are arranged with nice captions.


Dear all only for yours I am able to share with you some nice photos with good captions. You can share it with

your friends and family member on Christmas day. All are nice photos for Christmas purposes. Please select one

and share it with your friend and on social media.

Christmas wishes for friends :

If you read all the short quotes maybe you will get good short quotes. First read all then you can choose as per

your need. So many are given below. Please read them one by one and chose.

  1. God give you peace and happiness. Happy Christmas.
  2. Without God’s help, we can’t anything. God bless you. Happy Christmas.
  3. You and your Family stay with love and peace. Happy Christmas.
  4. All happiness and peace come from God. Happy Christmas.
  5. My dear Darling stay with my pure love. Happy Christmas.
  6. Your love makes me crazy, Happy Christmas.
  7.   My mother longs for life for me. Happy Christmas.
  8. My beloved father stays with love. Happy Christmas.

Christmas quotes

For this day so many people go to the charge for prayer and some people are sharing their prayers on social

media. Who wants to share this system please see the below prayer for you. You can choose anyone for your

sharing and share it with your friend for this day.

  1. My dear Child stays with God’s love. Happy Christmas.
  2. My dear friend Happy Christmas.
  3. All my Facebook friends Happy Christmas.
  4. Dear Colleague Happy Christmas.
  5. Darling, you are my heart. You are my love. I live only for you. Happy Christmas.
  6. I wish my Christmas to all my Facebook friends.
  7. I won’t serve as your representative God gives me this kind of opportunity. Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas day  Christmas quotes are funny

So many people are searching for dialogue for shearing on many kinds of social media. Some dialogue is given

below for your sharing please see all dialogue.

  • Come to my house and take my love. Stay with happiness.
  • Don’t miss my letter. Don’t miss my SMS. And don’t forget to come to my house.
  • I am waiting on this day only for you. Waiting forever if you to come on this day.
  • I don’t think anything without you. I don’t imagine without you. You are the heart of this world.
  • Nothing to happen without you. You are the best partner in my entire life.
  • Don’t forget my love. Today is only for you. I am waiting for you. My house is all arranged for you. Happy this day.
  • This day brings to you all peace and happiness. These two things stay with you at all times. Happy day. God bless you.
  • Love comes from heaven. You come to me from paradise. Again we want to back to the same haven and stay forever in one place. Happy this day.

Dear readers, Please read all short SMS. You can use all kinds of Social media or Facebook as a  short SMS. If you

have any kind of suggestions I will accept them and I will give you my feedback. Please write me your valuable

idea for my best service.

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