Meeting minutes writing format

Meeting minutes writing format: Who has engaged with NGO job maximum people need writings this meetings minutes. So many reasons we

need to share our opinion and our decisions. For this, we call meeting that’s time we need to record our meeting

and record our decisions for the next step. All discussions are not needed for the next step but some important

things need to for the next step. That’s why we need meeting minutes.

Who is Keeping Meeting Minutes?

Only one person can’t start meeting. If any want to meet then need some staff or colleague for this meeting. One

person was selected as a precedent and one person was selected as the secretary and one person moderate

meeting and one person write the meeting minutes. Precedent select who takes the record and after writing

meeting minutes. As per precedent decessions keeping records and decisions for the next step.

Why need Meetings Minutes?

So many reasons we need to keep meeting minutes. Sometimes we forget our decisions and sometimes we

forget our next step working activities for this we need it. Sometimes we are sent to report to our boss or our

donor that’s the time we need it. If we work under donor funds then the donor wants to know what our next

working activities that’s time we can send it. Another cause end of the project is we need to keep our all records

for audit that’s the time the audit team will be asked for our meeting minutes.

How we will write the Meeting minutes?

You can keep the record in so many ways. When the meeting will start you can use the recorder with permission

from the president. You can also write bullet points. You can also use video records with permission. But one

thing important you need must be to take attend sheet and take signatures for all participants. When you submit

these meeting minutes that’s time to need a participant list with these minutes.

One example is meetings munites

For your better understanding, we give below meetings munites. If you see the below meetings munites then you

can understand clearly. If you feel any problem understanding then you can write to me for more understanding.

Don’t hesitate please write to me in commence section for more clarity.


Monthly Meeting-minutes-writing

Name of Project: WVHKGO-01                                                                            Date: 06/12/2021

Venue: MTC at Valukhali. Ukhiya, Cox’sBazar                                                  Time: 02pm to 3:00pm

Participant:  WVHKGO-01 project staff and Facilitators

Sometimes we need to write meeting minutes. But we don’t know it properly or we don’t know it fully. I give you

some tips which give you easier options for you. You flow only some tips and you can write it so easily. Please see

the below two sections but when you write don’t give the two sections. You start writing and finished it in one

section. Then you will see making good meeting minutes.


Meeting-minutes-writing-  At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Rbin Baroi dada thanked all and started the

meeting. He said in his discussion that the meeting we are sitting in today is probably the last meeting of our

WVHKGO-01 project. Because today already 6/12/2021 next 22/12/2021  to 31/12/2021 will leave for maximum

staff because of Crishtmuch.

Our project will be over this month (31/12/2021) so we have some important work to do which we will complete

within this date 15/12/2021. Otherwise, we fall in danger because at the end of the month we don’t do much

work for our holiday.

Later he would like to know about the progress of DIP’s work activities then all are answered yes already done all

DIP activities. He asked to submit all the papers to the assigned field assistant.

As per Robin Dada’s direction, all field facilitators submit their all (DIP) work documents to Field assistants. After

submitting their document Mr. Robin Dada checked it sample basis. Mr. Rabin Baroi give instructions to collect all

DIP master rolls and checked and completed compiling then submit them to Mr. Rabin Baroi.


Then Mr. Robin dada handed over it and assigns field assistants. After finishing the discussions he distributed

some materials among the 26 CCLCs HKGO-01 and HKGO-02 projects. Mr. Rabin requested to all for wright use

all materials and make a master roll for all distribution materials. Mr. Krishan Molik will be responsible for

collecting the master roll. After collecting the master roll Mr. Krishan Molik will submit the master roll with all

necessary documents.

As there was no further discussion, He request all field assistants to submit all documents within due time.

Otherwise, I will take action against of that’s the staff who don’t submit within due time. At last, he wished good

health and longevity to all and declared the meeting closed.

Writing by

Syeful Islam

Field Assistant

End Words:

 I try to present monthly Meeting minutes writing format very simple way. If any want can flow my tips easily cant writing monthly, Weekly, Yearly, Half-yearly or any other meeting minutes. Please read my all lesson and give me feedback then I will try to write more learning sessions and I will try to give you my feedback. Write to me in commence section for more improvement.

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