How to write case study report sample

Sometimes we need to write any kind of case study for our report or any kind of successful history writing

purpose. But we don’t know how to write a good and effective case study. Today I will show you how to write a

good and effective case study. When you flow my role and see below case study then you can understand it

easily. Please flow some basic roles for writing a good case study.

Collect data from real case

The first time you need to collect data from your beneficiaries. When you collect data from your beneficiaries

that’s the time you must collect actual data don’t try to write the wrong data. When people see your case that’s

time they can give example it. Another thing when people see it someone show interest visite his or her house to see.

Write it the very simple way

So many people write their cases in a very big way. But I request to you when you write to case try to write very

simple way. Because it is a real case people can see it directly. If you arrange this case as per your mind then it

will be difficult to understand and some people feel bored. I can give you an example of this you start by giving

his or her information and use some words then you write a body.

Firstly you give a title and you try to give their intro part then. In the body part, you use all information when the

reader read this part then he or she gets all information from here. At last, you write the end or conclusion you

write here to summarise all parts. End of the part you request the reader for their commence and feedback.

Use some effective Picture

The picture is more powerful for writing a case study. Without a picture, two things are absent in your case are

not true other than you write it on your own data. You don’t collect data from the real beneficiary. So that when you

write it you must need collection data from real cans and when you take an image that’s time you flow is it

meaningful or not meaningful?

You can see below case study for more understanding.

Case Study for Dildar Begum’s life struggle story

Introduction part

Case Study:-Our village was so green and peaceful. We were leaving very peacefully at the Myanmar Village of

Mongdo . We had so many paddy fields, cows, Vegetable gardens, Pond for fish cultivation but a tragic outcome

came down to the cruel irony of fate. As a result, I was forced to flee to Bangladesh with my family.

Today we have no house,  no place to cultivate. As a result, we are living as human beings without soil. In the first

stage, I was very helpless. There was no roof over my head. There was no food in the house. Today, with the help

of World Vision Bangladesh and other NGOs, I am living by the grace of Allah.

My name: is Dildar Begum, Husband’s name: is Mohammad Elias, F.C. N No.-296960, Camp: No. 20, Block: M-23

A number of my family members – 6 two sons and two daughters and me and my husband. I came to Bangladesh

before Eid-ul-Adha 2018. At first, we were very helpless here. I consider myself lucky to be a beneficiary of the World

Vision’s Kitchen two months after my arrival because before I came here, I had no idea about vegetable

cultivation in this country’s context.

Body Part

When I go to the kitchen, I get ideas from them through their counseling and training, I can learn from World

vision Bangladesh kitchen learning sessions about many vital things. I learned so many things but these are

remarkable like what is nutritious, and what foods will meet the nutritional needs of our family. What is family

peace? How do maintain family peace?

   How can we be saved from Covid-19 when we wash our hands? we have been receiving various types of

material support from Wald vision Bangladesh which has been helping us a lot in our lives. In the last two years,

I have grown vegetables in my shed and in front of my house, eaten many vegetables myself, and earned money

9000 (Nine thousand) BDT. Moreover, I have given vegetables from my vegetable garden to my neighbor whose

market value will be around 3000 (Three thousand) B. At present, I cultivate vegetables on my house roof and in

front of my house. I cultivate vegetables according to the season. If I had a lot of lands, I could grow a lot of


End Part

I don’t have enough land so I can’t grow vegetables on a large scale. And if we get Wald’s vision collaborating in

this way, it will be of great benefit to us and we will be able to meet the nutritional needs of the family by taking

the training. How to meet the nutritional needs of our family? May the way World Vision Bangladesh has been

collaborating with us continue in the days to come (case).

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