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Address: World Vision Bangladesh Bay Marina Resort, 1st Floor, Plot #61, Block #B, PWD Residential Area, Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh, Coxs Bazar Sadar, Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Cox’s Bazar 4700
Primary Mobile No: 01878205807
Secondary Mobile No:01731673741
Primary Email:


Career Objective for Curriculum Vitae:
Looking for a humanitarian job where I will have the scope to utilize my job experience and education, potentiality, and skills to the best benefit of any organization to do something innovative and from where I will be able to gather more experience
Career Summary:
I have been working with a good reputation for the last 14Years+ in different Humanitarian International and National and Development organizations as a logistics & Q. C Officer, Log and wash officer, logistic & Hygiene promoter officer, and Program officer Training, and Credit. During my tenure, I have proven skills in Community Learning Center (Pre-School), Training, workshop, Meeting facilitation, and different IGA Promotion in the rural economy. I have also experience with a business plan.
Special Qualification:
1. Car Driving 2. Work well under pressure as part of a team


Employment History for Curriculum Vitae :
Total Year of Experience: 14.7 Years (s)
1.Field Assistant  ( September 1, 2021 – Continuing)
World Vision Bangladesh
Company Location: World Vision Bangladesh, Hotel World Bitch, Kolatoli dolphins more,Coxs Bazar
Department: Project
1. Facilitated training for field facilitators.
2. Rohinga household visit.
3. Rohinga beneficiary selection.
4. Cooking learning center visit.
5. Kitchen garden visit.
7. TOT arrange for a field facilitator.
8. Monthly and quarterly meetings with Maji and CCLCs facilitator.


Logistics Officer ( February 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021)

World Vision Bangladesh
Company Location: Ukhiya , Muhuripaa,Nurul Islam Technical college road
Department: SCM
. Fleet Management( Roster making, Communication with car vendor, Need planning for next day, etc)
Inspect overall warehouse premises to ensure commodity safety i.e. check for roof leaks, drainage, compound fence, fire-fighting, and other pertinent equipment, gates, padlocks, and lighting and ascertain serviceability. Follow-up and ensure remedial measures are taken as necessary on identified defects and also the security system of the warehouse.
. Hold custody of one set of warehouse keys and ensure proper management of WH open and close..
. Keep oversight on access roads to the warehouse, ensuring the surface is solid and clear of any stagnant water that would cause trucks to get stuck.
. Inspect both the interior and exterior surroundings of the warehouse to ensure good sanitary conditions to fend off rodents and other pests.
. Regularly inspect stacking to ensure both commodity/materials and personnel safety.
. Take the highest measure for the cleanliness of the warehouse and commodities/materials.
. Check all materials to determine the need for pest control/fumigation and/or spraying. This includes checking for the presence of birds, rodents, and other pests in the warehouse and taking appropriate action.

. Participate in physical counting of stock and audit of warehouse records to ensure that there are no discrepancies between physical stocks and book balance (stack card/ledger balance). Discrepancies are to be reported at once to the supervisor.
. Ensure the Donner compliance in warehouse management.
. Monitor the security Guards’ performance and documentation.
. Pest control/fumigation is done in a timely manner.
. Make a plan for receiving and dispatching the commodity/materials at the warehouse and make sure the warehouse space is used properly. Ensure that FIFO is practiced.
. Check to receive and dispatch waybills. Ensure the sample/random checking and tallying of incoming commodities/materials. Approve waybill as per CDA, while dispatching commodity/materials to Camps/DPs and other WH.
. Carry out surprise spot checks on warehouse records to ensure that records tally with physical stocks at all times.
. Ensure that transporters are issued with appropriate delivery documents and are aware of the procedures.
. Receive and verify transporter’s challan/bill ensuring that appropriate support documents are attached to facilitate payment before submission.


. Arrange to segregate damaged goods, inform immediately to Logistics Coordinator/SCM, find out the cause of damage, and take appropriate action. Prepare LAR (Loss and Adjustment Report).
. Ensure Reconstitution Report if any reconstitution requires.
. Formulate report submission schedules for the Logistics Officer and ensure.
. Verify accuracy on all warehouse reports before submission.
. Responsible for ensuring smooth flow of warehouse reports i.e. weekly, monthly, and any other report.
. Regularly review report production procedures and recommend adjustments as necessary.
. Be familiar with Donner regulation/WVI Commodity Manual.
. Supervise the Assistant Warehouse Officer/Warehouse Facilitators & prepare to accomplish APPA of his supervisee.
. Assist Assistant Warehouse Officer/Warehouse facilitators in developing improvements within methods of physical storage, receipt, dispatch, and general warehousing systems.
. Hold regular meetings with Assistant Warehouse Officer/Warehouse facilitators to review work progress and performance.
. Identify training needs and implement them to the extent permitted by the budget.
. Maintain good liaison with program people/transporter/supplier/vendor/Pest Control Company and other service providers.
. Coordinate with other Logistics staff of the other program people.
. Follow-up with the Assistant Warehouse Officer/Warehouse facilitators to confirm that dispatched quantities are received at the Camp/DP’s.3.

Logistics and Quality Control Officer ( May 13, 2019 – January 31, 2020)

World Vision Bangladesh
Company Location: World Vision Bangladesh, Hotel Bay marine, Coxs Bazar
Department: Supply Chain
1. Manage the Response warehouse as per WV standard and quality maintenance.
2. Receive and Dispatch commodities food & Nonfood Items.
3. Distribution of commodities food & non-food items.
4. Maintain and update warehouse records and ensure a warehouse accounting system is instituted
5. Updated the expendable store inventory list and produce monthly reports.
6. Assurance of gate passes.
7. Maintenance quality control in receipt of assets, release to the user as per allocation directives tag assets for tracking.
8. Local air & land/sea shipment arrangements of goods.
9. Technical management of the CTS, NTS, and ERP systems.
10. Develop warehouse management and storage policy & SOP.
11. Train and develop the staff and facilitators for achieving knowledge and efficiency skills and capabilities related to warehouse management.

Logistic and Fleet management Officer ( April 15, 2018 – May 12, 2019)

Save the Children International
Company Location: Save the Children International, Primary Health Care Center, Karontoli, Taknaf, Cox`sBazar
Department: Logistics
1. Support base logistics and Cox`s Bazar Rohingya Response procurement department. 2. Support base logistics to establish a stock movement plan to ensure safe movement of stock from the warehouse to the store and Primary health care Centaur. 3. Distribution of commodities food & non-food items.
4. Maintain and update warehouse records and ensure a warehouse accounting system is instituted
5. Updated the expendable store inventory list and produce monthly reports.
6. Assurance of gate passes.
7. Maintenance quality control in receipt of assets, release to the user as per allocation directives tag assets for tracking.
8. Local air & land/sea shipment arrangements of goods.
9. Technical management of the CTS, NTS, and ERP systems.
10. Develop warehouse management and storage policy & SOP.
11. Training facilitation for Security guards.
12. Daily work rotation for Security guard.

logistic & Hygiene promotion officer ( August 31, 2014 – April 14, 2018)

Company Location: ANANDO, Muhuripara, BISIC Area, Zilongjha, Cox’s Bazar
Department: Supply Chain

  • Purchase quotation collection and analysis.
  • Work order-making and disbursement.
  • Cheeks materials quality.
  • Supervise caring, packaging, and stores for distribution.
  • Help token distribution among the beneficiary.
  • Supplementary Food distribution with WFP among the Rohinga people,
  • Hygiene kit distribution.
  • Post supervision Rohingya camp.
  • Conduct a workshop about Hygiene promotion among the Rohingya.
Program officer Training and Credit ( December 14, 2013 – August 31, 2014)

Company Location : Garobazar,Ghatail,Tangail.Bangladesh
Department: Management

  • Prepared yearly program plans & budget.
  • Effective credit action plan prepared.
  • Sample wise lone visit.
  • Filed office visit
  • Microenterprise loan approved as per program officer limitation.
  • Training for Income generating activities.
  • Training about loan disbursement & realization plan.
  • Overdue management training.
  • Report writing training.
  • Develop effective planning, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring mechanism at various levels of the project.
  • Training orientation to project staff and field level beneficiaries on agriculture method, homestead gardening, Multi-tier orchard, Boundary line, etc.
  • Project Beneficiaries selection by PRA method.
  • Ensure seedlings & saplings support beneficiaries.
  • Coordination with GOV. Offices the Agricultural and Livestock.
Project Officer Education ( June 13, 2011 – December 31, 2013)

Company Location : Dhiginala,Khagrachori.Bangladesh
Department: Management
Duties/Responsibilities: Main job responsibilities:

  • Project activities implementation.
  • Assisting in project planning & budgeting as per design
  • Monitor Project activities through proper monitoring tools.
  • Provide accompaniment support to the Project team members more confident in order to facilitate different events at the community level to achieve the project goals.
  • Develop an Education procurement plan and provide technical support to Facilitators. ?Facilitate networking in the program areas with the relevant stakeholders.? Prepared yearly and quarterly planning,
  • Prepared budgeting for training implementation, and monitoring of the project activities in assigned Upazila.
  • Develop and contribute to different training materials, handouts, modules, guidelines, etc. according to requirements.
  • Assist Union staff and Volunteers to develop an effective and coordinated work plan.
  • Ensure regular sharing among the team members about achievements, experiences, and learning.
  • Participate at different meetings, workshops, networks, forums, committees, and coordinate platforms at Upazila and district levels.
  • Report writing and proper documentation of all reports and records.
Program officer ( September 15, 2008 – May 30, 2011)

Environmental Research and Development Alternative(ERDA)
Company Location: Laxmipur, Bangladesh
Department: Management

  • TOT on 10 field facilitators
  • To Facilitate training, design needs-based training modules, curricula, and conduct training, workshop & seminar at branch and zone levels.
  • Farmers group Formation
  • Seedlings & Saplings support farmers
  • CBO Developments and Savings utilization through CBO
  • Coordination with the Agricultural Office and Live stocks
  • Documentation of project activities and dissemination as required organizing workshops, and seminars, preparing press releases; communicating with different level stakeholders, media, and NGOs.
  • Support in conducting Enterprise Development at respective branch level.
  • Develop effective planning, Budgeting, implementation, and monitoring mechanisms at various levels of the project.
Branch Manager ( May 27, 2007 – June 12, 2008)

Grameen Bank
Company Location: Kishorgonj
Department: Management

  •  Supervision and Monitoring 6 branch level staff
  • Smartly handle more than one Core Savings and Loan outstanding without any bad debt and a minimum of 2% current dues.
  • Support in conducting awareness sessions, meetings, orientation related to participatory approach, dimensions of microfinance products, IGA.
  • Maintain all formative and qualitative reports for weekly, monthly, or on necessary situations.
  • Provide Scholarship activities with school and college students as per Grameen Bank policy.
  • Provide interest-free loan for bagger
Branch Manager ( July 5, 2006 – April 17, 2007)

Buro Bangladesh
Company Location: Nodona Bazar, Sonymuri, Noakhali
Department: Management
? Supervision and monitored 10branch level staff.
? Smartly handle more than one 20 lack Savings and Loan outstanding without any bad debt.
? Maintain all formative and qualitative reports weekly, monthly, or on the necessary situation.


Academic Qualification for Curriculum Vitae:
Exam TitleConcentration/MajorInstituteResultPas.YearDuration
Master of Social Science (MSS)EconomicsNational UniversitySecond Class, Marks:51%20031 year
Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)EconomicsNational UniversitySecond Class, Marks:48%20023 Years
HSCHumanitiesMulana Bashani Degree CollegeSecond Division, Marks:53%19992 Years
SSCScienceBalayet Hossain High SchoolSecond Division, Marks:49%19972 Years


Training Summary for Curriculum Vitae:
Training TitleTopicInstituteCountryLocationYearDuration
Fleet Management1. Rent and maintain vehicles. 2. Driver working Rotation making. 3. How recruitment of quality driver.4. How to make a log sheet.Save The Children InternationalBangladeshCox20192 Day’s
Logistics and Warehouse Management1. Fleet Management. 2. Warehouse Mangement.3. NTS software management.World Vision BangladeshBangladeshCoxs Bazar, Bangladesh20191
Emergency Warehouse management1. How to set up a new tent. 2. How to cover warehouse materials for emergency time.WFPBangladeshWFP Warehouse, Ukhiya, Cox’sBazar20191Day
AWD Preparedness and Response TrainingAWD Case definition, Context analysis: hygiene priorities during AWD outbreak, Context analysis Stakeholder mapping, Community-led AWD response plan, Information: be practical, relevant and address information gaps, Chlorination, Oral rehydration solution(ORS), Monitoring,UNICEF/WASH/OXFAM InternationalBangladeshHeritage Hotel ,Kolatoli,Cox’Bazar201801
Foundation Training on Protection, Quality Response, and Coordination.Practical Strategies to Address priority protection concerns, Quality Responses in Shelter, wash, and Education, Quality Responses in Food, Nutrition and Health, Coordination issues, and Practical Solutions.UNHCR/ISCG/centerBangladeshSeagull Hotel, Cox’Bazar201801
1. Define the Concept of the warehouse. 2. Understand strategic warehousing.3.Define warehousing operations. 4. Explain warehouse ownership arrangements.5.Describe warehouse decisions.ANANDOCox`sBazar
New Business Creation TrainingHow to start a new business, book kipping maintain, measure profit and loss,SapotodingaBangladeshModhupur, Tangail,20145days
Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) ProgramRisk Management of Natural Disasters. Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness. Mother, Child Health, Food & Nutrition. Gender Equality & Women Empowerment. Income-generating activities.ANANDOBangladeshKhagrachori201301 Month
Season Long Learning for The Local Facilitators on Farmer Field SchoolGoat & Cow rearing, Duck & Poultry framing, Vegetable cultivation, Fish culture,DANIDABangladeshNoakhali201005 Monts
Computer TrainingMS, Powerpoint, ExcelJahanara Computer Training CenterBangladeshNilkhet, Dhaka200903 Monts


Career and Application Information for Curriculum Vitae:
Looking For:Mid Level Job
Available For:Full Time
Present Salary:Tk. 40000
Expected Salary:Tk. 65000
Preferred Job Category:NGO/Development, Other Special Skilled Jobs
Preferred District:Anywhere in Bangladesh.
Preferred Country:France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman
Preferred Organization Types:NGO, Shipping, Research Organization


Specialization for Curriculum Vitae :

Fields of SpecializationDescription
  • Motorbike Driving
  • Car Driving


Motorcycle and Car Driving learn by training and practice and earn government  Driving license. I have some experience with that


Language Proficiency for Curriculum Vitae:


Personal Details for Curriculum Vitae:
Father’s Name:Najim Uddin
Mother’s Name:Sufia Begum
Date of Birth:October 11, 1980
Marital Status:Married
National Id No.:4814585130430
Passport No:BX0216721
Passport Issue Date:9/27/2018
Permanent Address:Village -Chinakhola, Patharail, Delduar, Tangail 1912
Current Location:Cox’s Bazar


Reference (s):
Name:Hubert Fitalish RozarioMd. Fuhad Mollah
Organization:World Vision BangladeshSave the Children International
Designation:Respons Logistics CoordinatorWASH Officer
Address:Bay Marina Resort, 1st Floor, Plot #61, Block #B, PWD Residential Area, Cox’s Bazar 4700, BangladeshHotel Sea Place(Ground floor) Kolatoli Road, Cox`sBazar -4700,Bangladesh
Phone (Off.):
Phone (Res.):
Mobile:+8801712898719+88 01708521596

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