Family peace initiative

What is Family Peace: We want to live in peacefully. But sometimes we can’t it. So many reasons are liable for

this. We try to show why we need it and how we Will gain it. For these causes, we need some action need. I

discuss this topic in detail. When you read this topic that’s time you know how you gain family tranquility and

which factors are liable to family tranquility. If we achieve family peace finally we can live peacefully in our

society. Let’s go we try to describe all about that.

Concept of Family Peace

Family peace is one kind of factor that means living peacefully. Sometimes we live in large and small families but

sometimes we fight or burgling to each other for so many reasons. When we create conflict for some won

interest that’s time peace gone fare way. We don’t get mental peace that’s the time we feel unhappy in this

world, It’s against if we live peacefully and all family members and all other family borders stay peacefully that’s

called family peace. All family members are living here very peacefully and if see any problem then they take

action very peacefully, That’s called Family peace.


Every person wants peace but peace is not so easy. It comes from heaven. Without sacrifice, peace does not stay

with us. That’s why first we need to sacrifice then peace will come into our house. what-is-family-tranquility? I can

say only sacrifice. Please read the below article for more understanding clearly.

The ability of a society to settle conflicts in a constructive manner without violence and to negotiate an

accommodation of interests denotes its capacity for peace. The absence of a certain condition, namely the

absence of war, is not equivalent to peace, as peace is not a condition, but rather an active social process that is

based on tolerance, social justice, and a willingness to achieve reconciliation. Peace is an endless process, the

result of many decisions made by many people from many countries. It is an individual attitude, a way of life, a

way of solving problems and managing conflicts. It cannot be imposed on the smallest nation nor can it be

forcibly imposed on others by the biggest nation. It can neither ignore our differences nor our common interests.

It impels us to work and live together for solving what-is-family-peace.”

Nature of Family peace

We found so many kinds of our society combined, Sigle and Large families, etc. If we think about how many kinds

of peace we can’t say it properly because it is different in the country of society. But we can say it commonly

Family peace are three kinds which are given as below.

Combine Family Peace

When we live in our family as Combine members that are times we can see some quarrels with members. But if

we consider some not legal issues that’s time we can stay peacefully. But sometimes relatives do not agree to live

peacefully they always try to gain some benefit from another to another for this causes we can’t see peace but

it’s against call combine Family peace.

Large Family Peace

Nowadays large families are so rare. The maximum family is small. Present ladies are like single-family for their

lifestyle. Against of small family I men large family many people are staying with under of one sheet and they

take food from one section. But their business and other working activities are not liable to another brother.

Large Family tranquility is so rare. Only for won interest, maximum create conflict. So we need large family peace

for our won interest.

Small Family Peace

Maximum people are like a small number. All over the world now making small family. We don’t deferent we also

like to make a small family. But sometimes we can’t it for our old father and mother. We live all together it’s not a

small family.  but sometimes create bad condition for their own interests. But small family conflicts are so rare. If

they engage in any kind of conflict that’s time they try to solve it very quickly it’s possible for small family


My request

It’s my request we all times try to stay live in with peacefully. Our life is so short we came here only a few times.

We don’t stay here. We will back to Allah. Allah doesn’t like quarrels so we try too hard and soul back to Family

peace in our country.

Finally, we want peace. But peace is not so easy it’s so difficult for our daily life. Only family can bring happiness

to us. That’s why I request to all don’t detach from your family. Every person can make haven his family by

distributing love.

If you need another article you can also write to use. We will give the next topic as per your need. A lot of thanks

in advance for reading the first to last article.

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