How to write Personal/Private Letter

Good letter Practice

We know when we try to inform anyone we cant try to use some media letter writing is one of them. Before 5 years or above letter was a more popular way to send messes but now it is less important but sometimes we use the letter to inform anyone of our opinion. Now I want to discuss How-to-write-personal-private-letter a good letter.



Why need to learn to write a private letter

The private letter is so confidential Correspondence system. Four to five years ago it was so important media for communication. But now day by day increase its necessity. But still, now government maximum letters are coming and going by formal letter.

How many ways we can send a private letter



It is one kind of secrete or only for personal use communication. We to write sometimes our family or friend about different things like our hobbies, our journey, our occupation, etc.

How many parts of a letter-

A letter has 6 parts  which as given below

  1. The heading or the place of the date- Date, and place
  2. Salutation or Greetings – As like My dear Rana
  3. The body of the letter- Description of conversation.
  4. The Subscription-Yours loving ……
  5. The Signature- Signature.
  6. Superscription-Room and TO


a) Suppose, you are Shimo. You cannot attend the birthday party of your friend. You need to wish her success on the occasion. of her birthday.



11 July 2021

My dear Nur,

I am very much happy to know that you are going to arrange a party on the occasion of your 10th birthday on the 20th instant. It’s really goodness of you to have invited me to your birthday party. But unfortunately, I am unable to join the party. However, I wish you grand success on this happy occasion. No more today. More when we meet again.

Your Friend

Syeful I

b) Suppose, you are Papiya . Your friend is interested to know about the sports day of your school. Write a letter to your friend Riya about the sports day at your school.



11 JULY 2021

Dear Riya,

How are you? I am fine. The sports day of our school was held yesterday. You will be glad to know that I have won a gold medal in cycling. I took part in two events. The prize-giving ceremony was pleasant. After the prize-giving ceremony, we organized a cultural program. Really this was a memorable day in my school life.No more today

Yours ever,


C) Suppose, you are Liton. Your friend is interested to know about your visit to a zoo. Now, write a letter to your friend telling him about your visit to the zoo.

Ans –


11 JULY 2021

Dear Bimal,

How are you? Last Friday I went to the zoo in Mirpur with my father. We went there by taxi. We reached there at 10 a.m. At first, we bought tickets and went inside the zoo. We saw many animals. They were birds, tigers, monkeys, lions, and snakes. I liked only birds. I would like to stop now. Send me a quick reply to your letter.

Your loving friend,


I think you read this article very well. If you read all this then I think you can able write any kind of private letter. If you don’t understand any particular issues then you can write me in commence. Then I will give you an answer to your question. Please don’t be shy I will always be ready to help you. A lot of thanks for reading all the articles first to last.

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