National human trafficking awareness day 2023

National-human-trafficking-day is an International celebration event. If anyone celebrates this day he can use our

below image. All images are so nice and meaningful. Sometimes we look at pictures to celebrate this day by

making banners and festoons. That’s the time we need this kind of picture. All pictures are with nice captions.

What is  Human Trafficking :

It is one kind of violation. Verities kind of violation occurs in this world. I am trying to you understand by image

and use so many kinds of Quotes in images that are easier to understand what is Human Trafficking?

You can also choose the below Picture because this picture is very suitable for this day’s observation. You can also

share any kind of social media.

Sometimes we see so many people are kidnaped for selling this kind of occurrence is happening so many times

So many reasons we stop our women then you can use this image. For your promotion this day.

Why happen this kind of Trafficking

At present we have been corrupted by so many kinds of illegal issues. Human trafficking is one of them. Human

trafficking occurred for so many reasons. It is liable for so many reasons. Below are the reasons for most of them.

Please see the below all reasons which are mostly liable for human trafficking-

  • Money
  • Power
  • Enemy
  • Sexual need fulfill
  • Child Labour.
  • For hard work.
  • Sel body parts.


Money is power. We can do anything for money. All people are so weak for money. Sometimes human trafficking

is for only money. Most poor countries have so many terrorists who are all times trying to earn more money for

illegal activities to fulfill and buy arms. They kidnap first and then sent them to different countries as per need.


All countries and people want power. Because power is an asset. If anyone has power he can earn or get any

things in his life. Many We can like show our power that’s why we sometimes think if another person is like same

powerful then another persons try to remove him. That’s the time that happened in this kind of accident.


As a human, we have some bad habits because if somebody says any bad words that’s time we try to beat him or

kill him. If we take any revenge then we try to kidnap and kill or sent them to another country by trafficking.

Sexual need Fulfill:

Many terrorist groups hid in forests or any kind of gang. Sometimes they kidnap a beautiful woman to fulfill

sexual needs. At present some rich countries some bad guys do the same things. For this cause, so much

trafficking is happening.

Child Labour:

Many terrorist groups are trying to kidnap and engage them as child laborers. Another thing so many rich

country people engage in child labor in their household work. For those causes, trafficking happened.

For hard work:

Everybody avoids hard work. Nobody wants to hear wok. For this causes some groups of people and some do

not want to do hard work. For this reason, some terrorist groups engage in labor for hard work.

Sel body parts:

Human body parts are so costly. All over the world have so many terrorist groups who are all-time busy

kidnapping and selling their body part.

Every year sold a large number child. Mainly girls are trafficked so much. Some terrorist groups who live in the

forest or any other underground are trying to kidnap and buy girls for their entertainment and sexual needs

fulfill. For this kind of activity, every year so many girls are trafficked.

If this kind of accident happens in your year you can use this kind of image for your office and personal use. You

can also use it in your Facebook wallet and any kind of social media.

So many women are sold and they face sexual harassment and torture mentally and sexually. For this kind of

situation, we can use this image. Because this image is like that’s kind. You can also use this picture in any kind of

article or report.

Sometimes we face fortune that’s time we can use this kind of image for our this day promotion and we can also

use this image for banner and festoon. These pictures are so meaning full. and its caption is so nice.

We don’t want this kind of human trafficking activity. We need so many awareness sessions to protect it. Need to

engage government police, religious leaders, social leaders, and political leaders also.  If you need any pictures

for National Human Trafficking day. You can also share with Facebook two-tier or any kind of Social

media/platform. If you have any kind of feedback please write to us we will give you an answer to your feedback.

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