World vision jobs Bangladesh

World Vision jobs Bangladesh:  World Vision is the most popular Organization in Bangladesh. Science 1972 this organization works in this

country so many various sectors work for this organization. North part of Bangladesh they implemented so many

projects as like Flash flood, Food for Work, Education, Early marriage, Child education, Market development,

Value Chain. Urban Health, Water and Sanitation, Rural Development, etc. At present World Vision Bangladesh

works more largely with the Rohinga response. World Vision implements various projects at different times. They

also work with their community in this area people.

For whom World Vision does work?

This organization work for all poor people. World vision targets poverty-free countries. All men and women get

their basic needs. They donated so many kinds of materials for poor people. Some are the food items and some

are the nonfood items. Some are perishable and some are non-perishable. Firstly World Vision tries to basic

needs of those vulnerable people then they take decisions on which items or things will be provided for those

people who are affected by various disasters. My kind working activities World Vision has but There focusing

working activities regarding with child. World Vision is mainly child frankly organization. Child safety first. Zero

percentage tolerance for child abuse. Their project budget is almost only for children. In 2020, World Vision used

88% of our total operating expenses for programs that benefit children, families, and communities also.

World Vision Goal

 It is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in

working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the

the good news of the Kingdom of God.

World Vision 6 Core Values

  • We are Christian
  •      ”      Committed to the poor
  •      ”      Value people
  •      ”      Stewards
  •      ”      Partners
  •      ”      Responsive

World Vision jobs Bangladesh

Many people want a world vision job. This organization provides maximum staff salary and other benefits. I think

if you have all qualities and qualifications then you can apply for this job. This organization doesn’t allow any

misconduct and any kind of illegal communication for this kind of job. This organization gives priority to who is

the best qualified for this particular job. World Vision gives their maximum circular online you can also submit

your application online. World Vision Bangladesh looking for a qualified, competent, and experienced candidate

for the position of project officer-job-at-world-vision-Bangladesh under the project  Konna Ratna Project. If you

think you are a qualified candidate you can also apply through E-mail or  Apply by Bdjobs. For this post, you

need some qualifications. Please see the below for details.


( Job for Practical Action)

  • If you are now only  Job grade L13 & above applicants are eligible to apply for the project-officer-job-at-world-vision-Bangladesh post.
  •   For this post, Women Applicants are highly encouraged to apply if you think you are a writing person you can also apply for the project-officer-job-at-world-vision-Bangladesh post.
  • Who are now World Vision Bangladesh is now in the Probation period they are not eligible for a project officer job-at-world-vision-Bangladesh post?
  •  Staff who received “NI (Need Improvement)” in the last 3 Years’ performance appraisal are NOT eligible to apply.
  •   Applicants for Promotion & Transfer must have served at their current position/project for at least ONE year (until the vacancy closing date).

World Vision jobs Bangladesh  Advice for Applicant

Do you have all qualities for this job? Okay, no problem first you submit your application. Then you will take some steps for this job.


  • See job responsibilities properly then you try to gain some knowledge as like responsibilities. You can also take help from the World Vision website and the Internet also.
  • Read about world Vision working activities like their project and working area.
  • Know what is their core value and goal.
  • Try to gain some knowledge about this project.

End Words:

World Vision is committed to first doing no harm to children or adult beneficiaries, respecting the rights of all

beneficiaries, and upholding the best interests of children as a primary consideration in all actions and decisions;

accordingly, all the recruits will go through specific checks and compliance procedures in accordance with its

Child and Adult Safeguarding Policy. World Vision Bangladesh has zero tolerance towards incidents of violence or

abuse against children or adults, including sexual exploitation or abuse, committed either by employees or others

affiliated with our work. World Vision Bangladesh as Child Safe Organization discourages anyone to apply with a

prior record of conviction related to child neglect, abuse, and exploitation.

( For more  information you can also check the below link )

If you think you are the fit for this job. You can also give an E-mail to within the

last date for this job.

Dear all if anyone gets this job by our site circular. Then I request to you please write to me in commence section

then I will inspire more writing. I will give an updated job circular next. Another thing do you need any kind of

article then you write to me and I will give that’s the article for you. So don’t be hesitated writing to me full free.

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