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Case Study of Rezwana Begum- My name is Rezwana Begum.  My husband’s name is Md.  Osman.  I have one

son and two daughters.  I have my first child daughter and whose name is Jamjama Begum and my second child

son whose name is Isman  Ullah and a very young girl whose name is Nazma.  I came to Bangladesh about four

years ago.  I came to Bangladesh on 25th August 2017 with my family.

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I came first and stayed at Balukhali camp-2 at Monaergona where I was seven months. We had a hard time living

in Myanmar. We couldn’t even get out of the house. We couldn’t pray. Every night it started with torture. Many

people would have been killed and their bodies left.

We had to spend many nights in the forest. After a lot of torture on us, we thought that one day everything

would be fine but that did not happen anymore. On the contrary, we all had to leave our homeland. Finally, on

the 25th of August, we moved to a new country.

At first, we were very scared when we came to this new country. At first, I thought they might shoot or torture us

in this new country. But no, that’s not what we thought. Everyone in this country has helped us a lot and the

government of this country has helped us to live in this country.

When I first came to this country I had only one son and one daughter. Then we moved from Balukhali Camp 2 to

Camp-20 M-24 block. I came here and saw that there is a CCLCs house of World Vision and here had a Sister who

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came here every day and teach many kinds of activities.

I take admitted by her. From the first day, I can learn from her how many times we need to hands wash daily. For

example, he says that after coming out of the toilet we need to hand wash. We have to wash our hands with soap

before feeding the children. We have to wash our hands with soap before cooking curry etc.

Then we can also learn how to cook from her and how to cook it will complete the nutritional value of our food

like we have to need a wash before cutting the vegetables, we have to cut them into big pieces and we have to

cook them less boil.

After this, we can learn more from him about how to cultivate vegetables in front of the house and on the roof of

the house. She told us that by cultivating vegetables we would be able to meet the nutritional needs of our

family including our neighbors and by selling in the market we would be able to meet the needs of other

household items. According to her suggestion, I grew so many vegetables and I ate some distribution with my

relatives and neighbors. Already I sold some in the market and got around 550 takas.

I didn’t know the benefits of breastfeeding before I had a baby after came here. I am feeding my baby

breastfeeding and now he is healthy by the grace of God I am giving him extra food in addition to his mother’s

milk after the age of six months. But I didn’t feed the previous babies like this baby for these causes my previous

baby was so malnourished.

Also through these CCLCs, I can learn how to prepare for a cyclone or a natural disaster. Before I don’t know

about a cyclone to keep dry food and safe water. I can understand the signs of the cyclone. If one flag is given

carefully, if three flags are given, it is a danger signal.

We know from these CCLCs making many kinds of cake like pakon, Bapa, etc. We can also learn from her how to

cook hotchpot for children.

Also here we have learned about the harm of child marriage.  For example, if a girl becomes a mother at a young

age as a result of child marriage, she may face great loss during childbirth and she may face death. So now we do

not marry any girl before 18 years and do not marry boys before 21 years.

Also at various times from World Vision Bangladesh, we got cake-making equipment and sacks, and Fertilizer for

planting vegetables.

We are grateful to World Vision Bangladesh. I wish World Vision Bangladesh cooperate with us in the future with these CCLCs.

If anyone needs a case study like the Case Study of Rezwana Begum. you can learn my case for more concepts. If

you need any kinds of case study you can write me in commence section I will give you a new case study.

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