Humanitarian logistics course

Many people try to learn about Humanitarian-logistics activities but they don’t get a good concept. I am trying

for you who don’t get your answer about H. logistics activities and details concept about of logistics also. Please

read first to last my lesson and you get more concept about of logistics.

Humanitarian logistics and supply chain management:

This kind of logistics men all logistics activities that happened for suffering and vulnerable people like Refuges,

Cyclone affected landslides, etc. If we want to do something for the humanitarian first need to do the below


  • Planning.
  • Implementing and Controlling.
  • The efficient cost-effective flow and storage of goods.
  • Materials shift to the desired location.
  • Handle vehicles or Transportation.

Humanitarian logistics management

For your better understanding, I am trying to describe the details below for better understanding please read the

below details activities.


If we do anything first we need a good plan. After good planning, we can take the next step. Because without

planning we don’t do anything. If we make a good plan then we can say it’s half done.

Implementing and Controlling:

Implementing and Controlling are the second important things for humanitarian logistics. Without any

implementation, we can’t say anything that’s why we need to start a project or any kind of activity Implementing

after trying to control it.

The efficient cost-effective flow and storage of goods:

Money can give us any kind of support. Humanitarian activities are always done with donor funds. It’s a come

from so many kinds of people give a donation. That’s why we try to all time the efficient cost-effective flow and

storage of goods.

Materials shift to the desired location:

Materials shift and desired place it’s so important for humanitarian activities because without desired place. If we

sent our materials then it will not effective. It will be damaged our time and that’s why we first need to select the

desired location it’s very important for humanitarians.

Handle vehicles or Transportation:

Transportation is important for the emergency base because when seeing any kind of a crisis that time we don’t

get a good quality vehicle that’s why we need to build communication with the vehicle owner. Then we can easily

move our vehicle and we call it there all information when are start and humanitarian logistic.

Humanitarian logistics examples?

Manly three components are humanitarian logistics which are as below

  • Procurement:- When seeing a humanitarian crisis then need logistics that time need to desired materials procurement for suffering and vulnerable people. It is the most important part of Humanitarian logistics working activities.
  • Warehousing- When Procurement is done the supplier supplies materials and then needs some days stored in a safe and secured place for the best benefit and selection right beneficiary that’s called warehousing.
  • Transportation:- After the selection right beneficiary then needs to distribute materials among the beneficiary and then needs the vehicle to transfer the materials warehouse to the desired location that’s called Transportation.

End words:

At last, we can say humanitarian logistics are so important for any crisis. All activities are so important. If you feel

any activities are less important then our activities will fail. That’s why we need so careful about humanitarian

logistics. About humanitarian Logistics, if you need any article. Then you can write to me I will give you as per

your need thank you so much for reading.

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