How to write meeting Minutes

Are you an NGO job holder? then it’s needed for you. So many people don’t know how to write any kind of

Meetings minutes. Only for them if you flow this simple trip then you can write meetings minutes easily. Let’s go

we will see you one meeting minutes very simple way.

How to write meeting Minutes?

How to write meeting Minutes:-Date:12, October/2021 to 13 OCTOBER/2021,                          Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm  Duration: 2 days, Project:  WVHKGO_01

Number of Participants: 30, Venue: Skill Development Training Center Balukhali

Mr.Syeful Islam starts the monthly coordination meeting with regard. At first, he requests to all present their

identity. After the introduction session he wants to know about of session guidebook from all facilitators, is it

kept? A few of the facilitators are Sayed we don’t have a session guide book then Mr.Syeful Islam’s dada’s side

will supply it to you as soon as possible. Then he wants to know when we conduct sessions, did we follow this

guide? Then all are said yes.

Regarding this discussion Mr.Syeful, Islam asked all CCLCs facilitators when we go to our CCLCs? all answered that

we try to present  CCLCs at 9:00 am for this answer Mr.Syeful Islam said if we don’t reach at CCLCs within 9:00 am

then deduct that’s day payment. After those discussions, he said we must be maintained an in-out register for

our timekeeping. We also maintain a visitor register for any kind of visitor.

In the discussion, Mr.Syeful Islam that we will have 5 days of sessions on six topics and one day of refreshing

training. In addition, every CCLC should have a vegetable garden. And every house has to cultivate vegetables

according to their place.


After that discussion, Mr.Syeful Islamsaid that the following things must be present in every CCLC.

  1. List of committee members. 2. List of Lead Mothers. 3. List of beneficiaries.
  2. CCLC signboard. 5. CCLC is clean and tidy .6. Complaint box.
  3. Fire bucket. 8. Fire Eastingusher. 9. Dustbin. 10. Hand washing device.

At the end of that discussion, he showed how everyone would fill the distribution master roll and said that the daily master roll should be submitted every day.

As there was no further discussion, Mr.Syeful Islam wished good health to all and announced the end of the first day’s meeting.

Writing By                                       Reviewed By                             Approved By

Syeful Islam

Field Officer



When you write any meeting minutes then you must flow about discussions and decisions because if you don’t

flow about two purposes you don’t write. When starting a meeting that’s time you can use a sound recorder with

permission from your supervisors. Another option you take note of after finishing the meeting is you can write it.

End Word:

I can give you ensure that if you flow my tips you will be able to write any kind of meetings minutes. If you need

any kind of article please write to me then I will give this topic. Hardly request to you give me your valuable

feedback for more improvement.

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