How to know Jute. jute plant

How to know Jute Most kids don’t know what is jute. If anyone reads this article then they know it properly. I am

trying to write it it’s a very simple way. For a better understanding. So many students can write as an easy. It is

perfect for any A-level child to know about jute. Let’s go read first to last for learning this easy.

Introduction how-to-know-jute:

Jute is a wonderful crop in the world. Jute is the greatest asset. It is essential for almost every country. It is the

main cash crop of Bangladesh and a commodity for international trade. (how-to-know-jute)

Where grown:

Jute grows well in hot and wet climates. It grows well in most districts. If we see it grows well and it grows all over

Bangladesh. We see so many countries growing it in  India, Thailand, China, Japan, and Brazil.


Jute is a fiber plant. Its high grows 8 to 10 feet.  There are no branches but stems at the end. It grows up like

straight sticks. The jute color is green.

How cultivated:

At first, farmers plow the land well and dry it properly. Then the seeds are sown from March to April. The plants

grow very quickly. After three or four months the plants are cut down and keep them underwater.

How fiber is got:

The cultivators cut the mature jute plants and put them underwater to rot. Then the fiber is taken out and

washed in water. It is spread in the sun and dried. Then it is tied in bundles and is ready for sale.

Kinds of jute:

Bangladesh has two kinds of jute. These are Bogi” and Sutali. Bogi is very tall. It grows about 10 feet to 15 feet



Jute is very necessary for our daily life. Ropes, bags, sacks, clothe, and brushes are made of jute. Jute stalk is used

for making one kind of paper. Most of the village people use it for firewood and to make fences. Handicrafts

made of jute are in great demand in the world fashion market. Sometimes people use green lives as a vegetable. It contains a lot of vitamin C.


The jute is golden in color. It is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. It brings a lot of gold from foreign

countries. A lot is foreign money earn from abroad. We cannot grow high-quality jute yet. The farmers do not get a good price. That’s

why they are losing interest to grow jute. For this all bad condition we are losing.

End words:

I think you can able to know jute. When you write to jute easily that’s time don’t write this portion. It’s only for

your better understanding. If you have any feedback or any other need please write to me I will give you

feedback for your commencement.

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