Mobile funny sms

Mobile funny sms: Love comes from heaven. All men and women fall in love. For this causes every day we communicate with our

loving persons. Sometimes we share our feelings and love. But we don’t think it very nicely if we think it nicely

then we can share Mobile funny sms by mobile phone. See the below all SMS which is only for you and you can

choose anyone for your lover.

Mobile funny sms

In our everyday life. I am sharing so many SMS, Quotes for easier daily communication. So many lovers search for

nice SMS and quote it’s only for them. Please see the below SMS and Quotes I think It’s will be perfect for you.

Love is heaven Love is life. Without love, man can not get happiness. Allah gives us his love for this Allah create

us. Love starts from Adom and How. We can’t live alone. Not only man and woman but also love are shown in all

kinds of men and women and animals also. I want to give you some love letter masses which are effective for

your lover man. You can try it on your mobile SMS. Please read all the love posts for your great idea. If you read

all love letters you can create/write a good and effective love letter.

Funny SMS for girlfriend / Short Love mobile SMS

Do you look for some new love SMS? You can search below. We share some new love SMS here. All are

uncommon and unique for you. Don’t share with anyone before because it’s all new. Let’s see the below SMS for your sharing.

  1. Dear —-?

First, take my deep love. I hope you miss me so much. I also miss you. If I don’t get you any voice or SMS  I think I will be mad. Don’t forget me. I will be waiting for your SMS.

You’re loving


2.  loving –S

My heart and soul crying for you. I am waiting for your SMS. Don’t be late give me an SMS.

Your Honey.

3. Dear Darling

I am waiting forever if you want. A am waiting until my death. I am waiting for you to end my life. Please come back to my life.


Your lover man

4. Dear Honey.

You are so sweet and cute other than all women. I love you from my heart. If you forget me I will die. Please come to me I will hug you.

You’re loving


5. Dear ….( Use your lover man’s Name)

Seconds will be gone, Minutes will be gone, days will be gone, weeks will be gone, Months will be gone, Year will be gone but I am waiting for you until the end.

You’re loving

( Use your Name)

Love SMS for Girlfriend

Do you have a girlfriend? then you need the below SMS for your girlfriend. Here we write some beautiful

girlfriend mobile SMS. Which you choose so much. It will touch your girlfriend’s heart and she will love you so

much after getting this SMS.

1, Dear Love

You are my heart. my soul.  my breath. You are my oxygen. Without you, I will be dead.

You’re ( Use your Name)

2.  Dear Farzana

You stay in my heart. I want your pure love. If I get your pure love I can do all things. Without your presence, I can’t imagine myself.

Your lover man( Use name)

3. My Dear Love

First, take my love. I hope you are the only person in my life. I don’t think any woman is without you. Please give me your love until my death.
Your loving S

4. My sweetheart

You are my soul, pulse, and blood. You are staying in my mind at all times. Please come to me for accepting my love. your lover

5. Dear

So many times had passed since I don’t see you. I feel you so much. Your loving hand expands to me and hugs my body with your hand forever.
Syeful Islam

Short funny SMS

Some people search for beautiful love SMS for their lover man. So that we arrange some beautiful Love SMS for

those people who are mostly searching this. See the below SMS for you.

  1.  My Love

I am your heart. I want your pure love until my death. You are my breath. I want to stay with you. Log live. Your lover

2. Sweetheart

A bunch of roses for you. All happiness and peace to you. I pray for your to stay with happiness. Your loving persons.

3. My Rose

You are not my only one rose you are my rose garden. You are not my love you are my breath. Please accept my love forever.
Syeful Islam

4. My heart

First, take my deep love. I hope you are the best person in my life. A lot of thanks for accepting my love.

Funny SMS quotes

You are looking for Heart touching love SMS for your girlfriend? Then you can choose this SMS all are new and


  1. My Sweetheart

You are the best partner in my life. You come from heaven. So that you are my soul.

2. Lover Man

I am not only your lover man. I am also your good friend. You and me making a haven in this world.

3. My Dera love

Come to me for accepting my love. Come to me for accepting my hug. Don’t forget me. I will give you pure love.

4. Dear Heart

At first, take my pure love. Don’t think I will forget you. Without you, I don’t imagine anything.

5. My Dear love

Mobile funny sms  – Sometimes I feel you are staying in my heart. Sometimes I feel you are my world. You say how can I live without

you. I will stay with you forever. If any kind of article please write to me. I will give you in next. Please give me

feedback in commence section for my next step. If you give me feedback I will accept it with thanks. A lot of

thanks for reading fast to last.

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